How it’s made

WESTMOOR Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is made from Farm assured crops grown in Cambridgeshire. The oil is fully traceable back to the field from where the original seed was grown. The oil is extracted from the seed by a method known as cold pressing which involves the seed being gently pressed at low temperature. The resultant oil is then filtered and containerised ready for sale. The only by product from this process is the pulp which is taken back to the farm where it was grown and used as a fuel to heat the farmers house.

It is this gentle extraction process that makes WESTMOOR Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil different from many of the mass produced oils that are commonly used nowadays and often found on supermarket shelves. These oils are mainly extracted from the seeds using high temperature/chemical extraction processes. These processes often have an adverse effect on the quality and integrity of the oil and raise concerns of chemical residues in the finished product.

The considerate and gentle production technique protects the integrity of the oil, by preserving the Vitamin E antioxidant content and thus retaining the stability of the essential fatty acids present.

WESTMOOR Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil contains no additives or preservatives whatsoever.