Melanie Watson – www.instinctivehorsetraining.co.uk

Melanie Watson has grown up with horses and has been a horse trainer for many years. She runs a horse training yard and livery in Skidby, North Humberside. She travels across the whole of the UK trouble shooting and training difficult horses. She has a fabulous reputation and an extremely high success rate with real problem horses.
She started using WESTMOOR Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil during the autumn of 2010 – for use in her own yard. She writes the following account of her experience with our oil:
We have often used oils to increase the energy density of our horse’s diet particularly during the winter months when we need to maintain their condition without the help of good quality pasture.We were very interested to try this new and exciting oil made by the Munns family on their farm in Cambridgeshire. Because the oil is made in the exact same way as their Extra Virgin cold pressed culinary oil we were confident we were buying a quality product for our horses. We started using this wonderful oil as part of our feeding regime during the winter of 2010/2011. What a challenge that winter was…..!!!!! Using WESTMOOR Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil as Part of a high oil/high fibre diet, all my horses came through the winter in excellent condition. The thoroughbreds especially, did well on it. They maintained their weight brilliantly and despite the unforgiving cold they remained calm, sensible and trainable. After the experiences of this first winter we will be using this oil regularly now throughout the yard, particularly with our high energy requirement working horses.”